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Josh Burton | President/Founder


What is The W of Kaua'i


The W of Kauai is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit youth organization that was founded on the belief that youth sports can make a positive impact on a child’s life. In sports you often hear the phrase “The W”, which refers to an individual or team winning a game. Our goal is to take that phrase one step further and to equip youth with the skills needed to not only getting The "W" on the scoreboard, but to get The "W" in the game of life.

Youth sports can provide a child with a safe environment full of teaching and mentoring. The skills that are taught through a sport can also be used in character development. Skills such as teamwork, encouragement, accountability, hard work, goal setting and leadership are just a few life skills that will enable youth to become a better person.


Our Mission


Our mission is to partner with other organizations that have a deep interest in our youth’s future. We strive to provide youth with a foundation built on good morals, and a character that is filled with love and compassion that will ensure them a life full of happiness. We value every child’s life in hopes that we may make a connection with them that will last a lifetime.


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